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Belin Monaco - 100g [DLUO 29/02/2024]

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Discover the irresistible crunch of Belin Monaco with Emmental. These appetizers perfectly combine sweetness and savory flavor, enhanced by a rich and savory touch of Emmental cheese. They are ideal for all your moments of sharing, whether it's a gathering with friends or a simple snack.

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Made in Alsace since 1922, Melfor is a unique recipe made from honey, natural herbal infusion, and mild vinegar (3.8°). Melfor can be used like vinegar and is perfect for making vinaigrettes, deglazing meat, or enhancing sauces.

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Easy to store and ready to use, chives are an ideal choice for busy cooks who don't want to sacrifice flavor. They are the secret to turning your meals into unforgettable culinary adventures.

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Enjoy the unique flavor of Celery Salt, a versatile condiment that adds a distinctive touch to your favorite dishes. This finely ground blend of sea salt and dried celery offers a rich and earthy taste that evokes the deep, comforting flavors of home cooking.

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Discover our delicious Vegetable Preserve for Couscous. This tasty blend consists of freshly selected vegetables: sweet carrots, tender turnips, crunchy zucchinis, soft chickpeas, all simmered with aromatic spices. Ready to use in an instant, this preserve provides you with a perfect base to accompany your traditional couscous.

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Incorporate the irresistible freshness and aromatic intensity of our Parsley Leaves into your kitchen. Renowned for its mild flavor and herbaceous aroma, parsley is an essential ingredient that brings life to a multitude of dishes.

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A creamy and flavorful whirlwind: Mousline Cream and Nutmeg Mashed Potatoes. An exquisite fusion that adds a touch of warmth to every spoonful. Discover the magic of cream combined with nutmeg in a smooth and delicious mashed potato.

One box contains 3 bags of 65g each, serving 2 people.

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Discover the authentic taste of the ocean with our Sea Salt. Carefully harvested from natural salt marshes, this unrefined salt preserves all the mineral nuances and the pure, raw flavor of the sea.

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Savory little potato-flavored monsters. With their light and crispy texture, Monster Munch can be enjoyed in various situations. Whether as an appetizer with parents, a snack after sports, or as a complement to a balanced meal, they are sure to be appreciated.

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Awaken your senses with our exquisite blend of Five Pepper. This finely balanced blend combines five distinct pepper varieties: black pepper for its heat, white pepper for its mildness, green pepper for its freshness, red pepper for its fruity sweetness, and Sichuan pepper for its uniquely light lemony and zesty note.

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Sweet paprika is a magical ingredient that brings a burst of color and a bouquet of flavors to a wide variety of dishes. Its smoky and slightly sweet taste pairs perfectly with poultry, fish, eggs, potatoes, and more.

3D Cacahuète - 85g

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Enjoy 3D's Peanut flavor alone or with others. Thanks to its unique shape, the small, crispy corn cone of 3D's is perfectly suited for all your appetizers.