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3D Cacahuète - 85g

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Enjoy 3D's Peanut flavor alone or with others. Thanks to its unique shape, the small, crispy corn cone of 3D's is perfectly suited for all your appetizers.

Lay's Chips à l'Ancienne Nature - 145 g

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Let yourself be enchanted by simplicity: Lay's Old-Fashioned Natural Chips. A crispy journey to the essentials, where every bite reminds you of the purity of flavors. Discover the authentic pleasure of potatoes in their most delicious form!

3D Nature - 85g

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The three-dimensional crunch: Lay's 3D Natural. Chips sculpted for a unique experience with every bite. Discover the joy of crunchiness from a new perspective with these extraordinary chips.

Fritelle Nature - 80g

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The simplicity of crispiness: Lay's Plain Fritelle. Classic chips that combine a crispy texture with the purity of flavor. Discover a taste experience that celebrates the very essence of savory pleasure.