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Pâte à tartiner MILKA - 340g [DLUO 26/01/2024]

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A whirlwind of chocolatey pleasure: MILKA Cocoa and Hazelnut spread. The irresistible marriage of milk's sweetness and hazelnut richness, perfect for spreading on your favorite bread. Discover a gourmet experience that literally melts in your mouth with every delicious bite.

Céréales Mix - 190g [DLUO 30/04/2024]

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NESTLE MIX, an assortment of 6 mini cereal packs to diversify your breakfast pleasures every day. It includes your favorite cereals: CHOCAPIC x 2, LION x 1, NESQUIK x 1, CRUNCH x 1, and COOKIE CRISP x 1. For a complete breakfast, pair your cereals with 125ml of semi-skimmed milk and a fresh fruit.

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Discover COOKIE CRISP® cereal in a 375g pack: cereal in the shape of mini cookies with crunchy chocolate chips for breakfast! NESTLÉ COOKIE CRISP® cereals contain French whole wheat and are made in France. They are guaranteed to be free from artificial colors and flavors!

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Discover the delicious Honey Pops Loops. These crispy honey-flavored cereals provide a gourmet and enchanting breakfast experience. Each bowl is an immersion into the sweetness of honey that awakens your taste buds in the morning. Honey Pops Loops, the perfect choice for crispy and flavorful starts to your day.

Trésor - 410g [DLUO 22/04/2024]

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Explore the delight of Trésor. These crunchy cereals conceal a soft chocolatey heart. Each bite is an experience of texture and flavor that brightens your mornings. Trésor, the breakfast that hides a sweetness with a crispy heart.

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Discover KitKat Cereals, an irresistible breakfast experience. Inspired by the famous chocolate bar, these crispy cereals offer a sweet chocolatey flavor with every bite. Let yourself be carried away by the unique taste of KitKat in the morning.

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A chocolatey whirl in a jar: Nesquik Cocoa Powder. The sweetness of chocolate in every spoonful, ready to blend into a creamy delight. Discover a taste experience that awakens your mornings and adds a touch of joy to each day.

Preparation tips:

2 teaspoons of NESQUIK® + 200 ml of semi-skimmed milk = Ready to enjoy!

Céréales Lion - 750g [DLUO 31/05/2024]

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LION cereals, a unique blend of caramel and chocolate with an irresistible taste to make you roar with pleasure first thing in the morning! They also contain whole wheat, vitamins and minerals and are a source of fiber.

For a complete breakfast, accompany your cereal with 125ml of semi-skimmed milk and a fresh fruit.

Cracotte Strawberry - 200g [DLUO 31/03/2024]

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Immerse yourself in a unique taste experience with Cracotte Fraise, an irresistible variation on the crisp lightness of Cracotte with a delicious fruity touch. We invite you to discover these gourmet cookies that combine crispness with the freshness of strawberries.