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Maggi Veal Stock is carefully crafted, capturing the essence of veal to create a richly flavored base. It's the perfect way to add depth to your sauces, soups, stews and more, for dishes that will impress the most discerning palates.

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MAGGI Seasoning is a condiment similar to salt and pepper. It will add a unique flavor to all your dishes, both hot and cold, in a light and subtle way.

Simply use a few drops of MAGGI Seasoning to enhance your pasta, rice, eggs, soups, dressings, vegetables, Asian noodles, stir-fries... No need to add extra salt.

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Find all the delicious taste of beef in one little cube! This intense beef-flavored recipe is enhanced with herbs and spices, and it contains no palm oil, made with high-quality ingredients. Use KUB Beef Bouillon to enhance the flavor of your red meats and vegetable recipes.

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Find all the delicious poultry flavor in a small cube! For your risotto, white meats, vegetables, or soups, use KUB Poultry Bouillon to enhance the taste of all your dishes and give them a delightful roasted note!

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A creamy and flavorful whirlwind: Mousline Cream and Nutmeg Mashed Potatoes. An exquisite fusion that adds a touch of warmth to every spoonful. Discover the magic of cream combined with nutmeg in a smooth and delicious mashed potato.

One box contains 3 bags of 65g each, serving 2 people.

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Simplicity in every spoonful: Mousline Nature Potato Puree. A blank canvas ready to welcome your culinary creations. Discover the authentic taste of potatoes in a deliciously creamy mash.

One box contains 3 sachets of 65g each, serving 2 people.

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A delicious harmony: Mousline Emmental Mashed Potatoes. The delightful union of smooth mashed potatoes and melting Emmental cheese. Discover a creamy and flavorful culinary experience with every spoonful.

Each box contains 2 sachets of 65g, serving 2 people.